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Kids at the Primary School

Resident Update from

Selectman Sarah Hewins

The August 14th BOS Meeting

At the end of the August 14th Board of Selectmen's meeting, one of the Selectman read a statement explaining the responsibilities of an attorney to continue to support on-going cases  for his/her former client.  This was offered as a justification for the unexpected and chaotic attempt to unappoint our Town Counsel at the BOS meeting of July 10th.

It isn't clear, however, that our Town Counsel would have been OK with being unappointed without warning and without cause.  Fortunately, the attempt to unappoint our Town Counsel did not succeed, and the Town and its residents were not left unprotected.

Politics and personal issues should not be given more weight by the Board than serving and protecting the residents of the Town.  I will do my best to convince the Board to refocus on the people they should be serving–you, the residents of Carver.

The Town Web Site Comes to You

You heard it here first! Very shortly the town website will allow residents to be informed automatically of public meetings and headlines. A subscription service will be available on the Town's website,, that will allow you to register your personal email with the website and receive notifications of departmental headlines and meeting postings, changes, and cancelations for the town departments of your choice. In addition to departmental notifications, you may also register to receive:

  • Non-emergency headlines from our public safety departments (Board of Health, DPW, Emergency Management, EMS, Fire Department, and Police Department)
  • Headlines posted to the home page of the website
  • Notification from the Town Clerk's office of upcoming elections and town meeting
  • Notifications from the Treasurer/Tax Collector of upcoming tax deadlines
Visit later this week to subscribe, keep up with what's happening, and stay informed! I encourage everyone who used to look at the old town website and sigh, to have a look at the new one.

Ups and Downs With the Rt. 44 Solar Array

As described in last week's Carver Reporter, the Route 44 Solar array on the Mass Highway easement next to the Town-owned Cole property, is up and running.  In a Boston Globe article of 8/30/2012 by Bob Knox, I was quoted as saying, "It’s clearly the right thing to do for our environment, and it’s the right thing to do for our country–every bit of renewable and alternative energy we use is that much less dependence on foreign oil. And finally, it is a demonstration project that hopefully will make it possible to show there are good places to site solar."  It's also the right thing to do for Carver taxpayers since it will save the North Carver Water District approximately $3000 each month in electricity costs. Unfortunately some panels were stolen recently from the array, but the Carver Police Department is diligently investigating.  The solar array is still producing just under 50% of the energy needed to run the water treatment plant on the Cole property.

Turkey Vultures in North Carver!

Hats off to Merci Vanasse-Vickery whose great close-up photo of the Turkey Vultures in the trees in the swamp next to the North Carver Cumberland Farms appeared in this week's Carver Reporter.  These creatures are actually very useful members of our ecosystem.  They help clean up by eating road kill and other carrion.

While they may look a little frightening, they're not at all dangerous to either people or pets, and do not attack living animals.  Turkey Vultures are a protected species under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.

turkey vultures 

Upcoming Events

State Primary Election
The state primary election will be held on Thursday, September 6th, at Carver Middle High School from 7am to 8pm. See sample ballots posted by the Town Clerk's office on the town website department headlines page.

Open Office Hours

I hold Selectman's office hours the first Thursday of each month.  The next office hours are on September 6th from 4pm to 6pm, in the Selectmen's private meeting room on the second floor of Town Hall.  No appointment necessary.

BOS Meeting
The next meeting of the Board of Selectmen is  Tuesday, September 11th at 7pm at Town Hall Meeting Room 1.  The meeting will be televised live on CCAT Channel 15.

Carver Farmers' Market
The Farmers' Market is held every Sunday at Shurtleff Park from noon to 4pm.  Fresh vegetables, baked goods, and more, including musical entertainment, and fun for the children!

water lily
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